Introductory books on the Orthodox Church




By Bishop Kallistos Ware (Published by Penguin)

This classic introductory work on the Orthodox Church has become a worldwide standard in colleges and seminaries. Part One describes the history of the Orthodox Church. Part Two outlines Orthodox doctrine and worship. The final chapter deals with restoring the breaches between East and West.


INTRODUCING THE ORTHODOX CHURCH By Father Anthony Coniaris (Published by Light & Life)

Fr. Coniaris provides his readers with an invaluable introduction to the beliefs, practices, and patterns of Orthodox Christianity. Written in a popular and easy-to-read style, Introducing the Orthodox Church touches all the important bases without sacrificing balance or accuracy.



By Father Thomas Hopko (Published by Orthodox Christian Publ. Center)

An introductory handbook on Orthodox faith and life. Volume I. Doctrine/ Volume 2: Worship/ Volume 3: Bible and Church History/ Volume 4: Spirituality. Presented in brief chapters, this handbook series is excellent for quick reference or study, and provides valuable teaching material for both teens and adults.



By Fr. Jon E. Braun (Published by Conciliar Press)

Applies time-tested Orthodox spirituality to contemporary Christian living. A true “back to the basics” book which shows how Christians can fight and win the struggle against temptation, sin, and spiritual lethargy through the divine power of Christ’s Incarnation. Explains in easy-to-understand laymen’s terms basic theological truths, such as the three Persons and one nature of the Trinity.



By Bishop Kallistos Ware (Published by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press)

An excellent companion to The Orthodox Church, this book discusses the spiritual life of the Christian, and sets forth the basic issues of theology, but as a way of life for the follower of Christ.



Edited by Father Jack N. Sparks (Published by Light & Life)

Modern translations and introductions to the writings of early Christian Fathers such as Clement, Ignatius of Antioch, and Polycarp. These revered writings provide the transitional link between New Testament times and the emerging Christian Church.



By Fr. Gregory Rogers (Published by Conciliar Press)

Examines the unbroken apostolic chain linking past to present in the historic Church. Written by a former evangelical pastor whose study of the biblical and historical evidence supporting this very doctrine led him to chrismation and finally ordination in the two-thousand-year-old Orthodox Church.



By Fr. Peter Gillquist (Published by Conciliar Press)

The inspiring story of over two thousand evangelical Christians and their search for historic Christianity. This book is for evangelical Christians on their own search for the Church. It is also for Orthodox Christians looking for renewal.


FACING EAST         

By Frederica Mathewes-Green (Published by Harper SanFrancisco)

Frederica depicts the living experience of Orthodoxy throughout the liturgical year, through the joys and sorrows of her own small mission parish in its third year of existence. This endearingly personal, yet surprisingly universal journal provides an excellent introduction to "nuts and bolts" Orthodoxy for the inquirer, as well as a moving and uplifting read for those already within the fold.


THIRSTING FOR GOD In a Land of Shallow Wells

By Matthew Gallatin (Published by Conciliar Press)

Beginning in the street ministry days of the Jesus Movement, Matthew Gallatin devoted more than twenty years to evangelical Christian ministry. He was a singer/songwriter, worship leader, youth leader, and Calvary Chapel pastor. Nevertheless, he eventually accepted a painful reality: no matter how hard he tried, he was never able to experience the God whom he longed to know. His was a great dream that could not find fulfillment, a deep question that could not answer itself, an eternal thirst dwelling in a land of shallow wells. In Thirsting for God, philosophy professor Gallatin expresses many of the struggles that a Protestant will encounter in coming face to face with Orthodoxy: such things as Protestant relativism, rationalism versus the Orthodox sacramental path to God, and the unity of Scripture and Tradition. He also discusses praying with icons, praying written prayers, and many other Orthodox traditions. An outstanding book that will help Orthodox readers more deeply appreciate their faith, and will give Protestant readers a more thorough understanding of the Church.


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