How to Beat Your Biological Age
Biological Age

They say that there are two truths in life, death and taxes. Those are definitely true and there are a lot of things that come with them. With death comes the idea of aging and that is terrifying for some. Typically, women age faster than men. When you are in high school, it might be okay because women tend to reach puberty and mature first, but most women start to hate it when the maturity starts coming early on the back end. Instead of letting the ravages of time lay waste to your beautiful looks, many people seek out the help of outside things to stay young. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your looks young, even when your biological age keeps ticking.

Color Your Hair

My parents have a stark contrast in terms of hair color. There are some men that lose their hair in their young age and my father was lucky in that regard because he has always had a full head of hair. In his mid-30s, my dad’s hair went from brown to white and never went back. For men, this ages you a bit, but usually looks pretty distinguished. Many women try to avoid grey hair at all costs. My mother has never shown a grey hair in her life. If you think that she has none, you are out of your mind or falling right into her trap. All three of my siblings, including me, have had touches of grey since our late 20s, so how does she avoid it? She dyes it. Whether on her own or thanks to her stylist, she colors her hair to stay young. Warmer tones do wonders even if you are not going grey and can take ten years off of you.


One of the ways that age starts to rear its ugly head in terms of your looks is through your skin. Over time, your skin loses the tightness and plumpness and starts to become wrinkly. Instead of letting that happen, you can inject toxins into your face that paralyze the skin and prevent it from wrinkling. This is something that is highly common of people aging in Hollywood and has gone from being the primping of stars to a commonplace procedure for many. The open secret is that botox gets its name from botulism, which is something that can kill you if you get it for real. Usually found in improperly sealed cans, botulism paralyzes you, but botox is just using its properties for good. It sounds scary, but people seem to love the way they look.

Never Forget Sunscreen

When the sun is beating down on your skin, it is not just itching that you have to protect yourself from. If you let the sun go unchecked, your skin feels the effects first and you can damage it for the long term. Make sure that you are wearing sun screen, not just to avoid a burn, but also to make sure that you are not aging too fast.