What To Do With Your Biology Degree
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My brother used to always make jokes about certain college degrees because they did not have clear career paths at the end of them. There is obvious value to studying certain things, but at the end of the day, finding a way to use that information to make money for yourself and others is hard and jobs only exist in teaching. The good news for biology students is that this is not one of the majors without career paths. In fact, it is one with a diverse assortment of paths that you can take and it is really up to you how you plan on using it. Many of the jobs require additional study in a graduate program, but biology can be the baseline for lots of careers. Here are just a few ways you can use your degree in biology.


Biology is the study of living things and nothing alive is more important to humans than humans. This is one of the ones that will require more learning than just the undergraduate degree, but those that learn biology have learned about the basic functions of life and just need to get the specificity of medical practice to get things down. Those that become doctors tend to appreciate the high salaries that come with the job. They may go toward paying off your debt from schooling for a while, but they can eventually get you to a very comfortable life after you go through the crazy hours and crazy life of a doctor.


This is another thing that you might want to get some specialized degrees in, but zoology studies another kind of life than humans, getting into the other species that populate the planet with us. Some people think that it is cool to hang out with lions and big bears as their equal, which is pretty awesome, but many zoologists are people that are deeply respectful of the creatures that they work with and are deeply concerned with making sure that they live a long and healthy life.


We have talked about helping people, we have talked about helping animals, but there is a third form of life that we have not gotten into and you probably are not thinking of. They may not move on their own, but plants are alive and kicking and represent a vital part of our ecosystem. Botany might be a fairly lonely field with you and the quiet plants, but you can learn lots of things about them, including some of the medical properties that allow plants to help us in other ways. Thank scientists for discovering how aloe plants could be used to help create healing balms because they have helped me with sunburns time and time again.


All of the others are things that you can see with your eye, but there are living things that we need microscopes to see too and they require studying just the same. Those in microbiology are doing wonders to save us from the unknown and unseen.