Biology In Life
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A lot of times in school, the concepts that you are learning are not feeling that applicable because you can’t see how they apply to your everyday life. I remember learning about integrals and thinking that I may never need to know the area under a curve ever in my life, but I guess it is cool that I can use these formulas correctly. In the case of biology, you never have to worry about things not applying to life. Biology is literally the study of life, so you are always sure to get something that is related to living. That said, you might not be studying your own life or the lives of other humans, but there is always something related to biology around you, so the real world applications are never too far from you. Here are just a few examples of biology working in your life on a day-to-day basis.


You have probably heard Elton John teach of the Circle of Life, which is the idea that we are all connected in a cycle that self-perpetuates to stay going. One of the examples that I think perfectly shows how ecosystems work is with bees. When you are a kid, bees are just an annoyance that stops you from playing recess where you want. Some people are deathly allergic to bees, so it is even more serious, but most people just do not want the pain and discomfort of getting stung. In fact, neither do bees because they die after they let loose their stinger. Despite the annoyance of bees and potentially deadly consequences of a sting to some, we can’t live in a world without bees because the effects on the ecosystem would be even deadlier. Flowers need bees to transport pollen for them. Many animals have biological roles in an ecosystem that help each other stay alive and this is one of them. The idea of an ecosystem is that despite some predators needing to kill their prey, the circle of life keeps the chain going


You have probably heard the concept that we evolved from the same ancestors as monkeys, but you might not really know what that means. We have something in our lives known as our biological imperative, which is the idea that we have an innate desire to survive and reproduce. What might logically follow are that you are looking for the best quality of life as well as a long one. As we seek to improve our standing, we seek out biological advantages that will help us survive, which is how we have come this far. There are some that look at which family you are born into as luck because you might be born into poverty or into privilege. Another way to look at things is to say that we are born into privilege just by being human. If you expand your thought to include fruit flies and house plants as potential birth options, maybe we are living our best biological life just by ending up in the class with the best chance at reproductive survival.